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Notre Dame by FinalxWords Notre Dame :iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 4 3
those days
'oh baby,  you know i love you so.'
repeated until i was sure you didn't mean a word you said
disgusted when i knew that-
'oh baby, there's no need to be nervous, this is easy.'
shaking hands did what you told them too
it'll be easy. easy. easy. eas-
'oh baby, you're so talented.'
not a fiber in me felt proud at those words
twelve year old hands were not supposed to-
'shut up, or i'll kill you.'
a hand around closed my neck forced the life out of me
a tiny foot swung into the air repeatedly until you let your fist relax
this is what they call attempted murd-
:iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 1 0
twelve year old
did you want a twelve year old pin-up?
for how long did you think i'd pose for you?
excuse me, should i take of my clothes
or will you do it for me?
did you like how my unruly hair was clenched in your fists?
was the sound your hand made against my cheek pleasant?
excuse me, am i allowed to scream
or will you refrain me?
did you get of at the struggles i put up?
could it be that i was asking for it?
excuse me, will you use me again
or will you throw me away after using?
did you think i wouldn't mind?
did you thin i'd forget after a while?
well here comes the newsflash:
feel you
:iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 0 0
Soldier - a lullaby
Soldier, soldier
My little, little soldier
See how the legions grow each night
Watch my commandeer
Now watch me fight
This is worse than a pillow fight
You can see me ordering around
Telling my soldiers what to do
No one disobeys me
When they try
I will cut their throats here clean and dry
See them dance and hear them sing
A sinister lullaby written by me
Tell me, tell me what to do
When mommy finds all my soldiers
Will she yell or will she scream
Will I have to keep her from me
If she screams then take her life
I’ll tell my soldiers what to do
Mommy can’t touch my legions
My pretty, little soldiers, deceiving
They’ll lure her into the darkness
And cut her throat like a soldier, disobedient
She will learn her place
A reminder of what she should have done
Now my soldiers smile up at me
They make me proud so I love them
My soldiers are red and angry
They listen and obey only me
:iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 0 0
Look at me.
I’m on auto-pilot
I can’t close my eyes and look away from the scene
The kind of scene in a B-horror movie
I yearn to scream profanities
But my own mind won’t allow it
How sick is that?
I can’t even make myself scream
That’s all I want to say.
All I want to scream.
:iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 0 0
tshirt - And More by FinalxWords tshirt - And More :iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 1 0 Hide and Seek by FinalxWords Hide and Seek :iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 2 0 Behind the Scenes by FinalxWords Behind the Scenes :iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 0 0 ID - Grey Thinking by FinalxWords ID - Grey Thinking :iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 0 0 .Astro. by FinalxWords .Astro. :iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 0 0
.My Spark.
There’s a little girl
Running around in the cigar smoke
In the midst of elderly men
She tries to find her Teddy
Teddy’s been gone for only a few minutes
But she misses him already
There’s a slightly older girl
Running around the big garden
Two dogs chase after her
Accidentally, they tackle her to the ground
She cries and yells for Teddy
He comes to her rescue immediatly
There’s a teenage girl
Running around with the dogs
Laughingly she growls at one
Taking a wrong step she frowns
Damn, she stepped into doggy poo
She cries out profanities until Teddy comes along
Teddy’s always been there for her
As long as she can remember
He always smiled when she did
He was always there
He always told her stories
He sparked creativity inside her every time he opened his mouth
Teddy is her reason.
:iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 1 2
Things I need to say
“Remember when I used to visit you at the hospital?
You always said to me
‘don’t worry, dear, I’ll come back home.’
You broke your promise.”
I ran a hand trough my hair. For once it was loose, blowing in the wind. Just how you liked it.
“Years after everyone else has cried, I…
There were so many people dying that night,
Why did you have to go?
You weren’t even dying!”
I kicked a nearby rock and sent it flying several feet in the air.
“It feels terrible, you know.
Knowing that you’re never coming back…
It’s starting to sink in now, can you believe it?
Years after… I had to be the odd one again, I guess.
That’s what we were; the odd ones.”
I tried to laugh, but it sounded more like a sob.
“You and I, both obsessed with our clouds…
I find it hard to look at them these days.”
A sigh.
“I guess you’re not very proud of me, are you?
I’m a mess nowadays…
Anyway, I should get
:iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 1 2
Shoes: first attempt by FinalxWords Shoes: first attempt :iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 0 3 T-shirt design by FinalxWords T-shirt design :iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 0 0
Those clouds were yours
You cloud up my mind, my day
I long for another summer’s day in June
So we can run through the fields again
And fall down on the flowers and grass
Panting and searching for an answer
To all our questions
We’ll try to decode clouds in the sky
Years ago we decided they were signs
Signs that meant change was coming
But that decision was years ago
Now, you’re under the flowers and grass
Right where you wanted to be
:iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 1 0
His own way of flying by FinalxWords His own way of flying :iconfinalxwords:FinalxWords 1 6


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-_- I feel like a had a stroke. The left side of my face has been numb for two hours now because the dentist gave me twice the amount of sedative she usually gives. And yet, I could still feel every move she made in my mouth. Every single time that drill touched my tooth I swear it felt like someone was stabbing me in the mouth with a kitchen kife over and over. And over.

And then that bitch goes on about how it's not possible that I'm still in pain. Good thing I couldn't talk ofterwise I would have said that I'd love to sedate her four times and then proceed to stab her mouth with a kitchen knife, just to see if she'd feel it :D
Wouldn't that be lovely?

Apparently, my grandfather has the same problem >< every time he goes to the dentist they almost have to sedate him completely because none of the sedatives work on him. Damn you grandpa.

Oh, and I have to go back tomorrow to do the exact same thing on the right side of my mouth. Happytimes.


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